Woman kneeling in snow, feeding an elk.
Photo by Nikola Johnny Mirkovic on Unsplash

I made the mistake of jumping into an argument on Facebook last week.

It’s kind of a no-brainer that if you run a homeless ministry you should wear a mask and get vaccinated to protect the people you serve from Covid. Or, at the very least, not spread anti-vax misinformation…

Man wearing hat that says, “love your neighbour.”
Photo by Nina Strehl on Unsplash

Human nature is selfish. But I will never understand a person’s need to one-up somebody—in a support group created for that person.

Let me explain.

It’s not about us

A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She has a long road ahead of her and needs the support of friends.


Purple fireworks over lake.
Photo by Chloe Zoombye on Unsplash

It’s a brand new year, and a great time to ask yourself some questions about your life. Something about flipping to that new calendar makes that easier.

Here are the top four questions to ask yourself.

What are my most important values?

First, decide to live according to your values. This sounds easier than it is…

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