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  • Sabrina Johnson

    Sabrina Johnson

    Full-time writer, teacher, mother, marketer, & business owner. I love helping others&doing the best I seek to achieve. How to contact me?Email:sabrjo2045@gmail.

  • Desiree Peralta

    Desiree Peralta

    Turning ideas into reality. Programmer by profession, Writer by passion. Finance and self-development advice. | Get weekly money advice: https://bit.ly/3pFFWXk

  • Helen Redfern

    Helen Redfern

    Notebook addict, writer and mentor. Helping creatives struggling with confidence around their writing and creativity. helenredfernwriter.com

  • Sophie Radvan

    Sophie Radvan

    Full-time writer based in Minnesota. Big fan of dogs, tattoos, sweatpants, dessert, literature, interior design, horror movies, and art studies.

  • Royce Siggard

    Royce Siggard

    Transforming individuals & organizations. MagnifyMe.org Coach. Consultant. Executive. Author. Speaker. Dad. Music. Science. Innovation.

  • Kiki W.

    Kiki W.

    Hello! I’m just trying to explore and grow my understanding of the world. Feel free to join me on this wonderful adventure.

  • J.C. Anne Brown

    J.C. Anne Brown

    She/Her | Wife & Mom | Writer | Boundaries are essential. | Compassion is therapeutic. | Kindness is necessary. https://medium.com/subscribe/@JCAnneBrown

  • mariafortner.com


    My truths, my perspective, your stories

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